Jane Austen meets Agatha Christie

How Mansfield Park got a murderous makeoverAn isolated country house, a family that conceals its passions and rivalries under a veneer of upper-class civility, a charismatic outsider whose arrival brings these tensions into the open, and sparks a train of ultimately disastrous events.  An archetypal Agatha Christie? Surely not Jane Austen? But in fact this is exactly the mise-en-scène at theContinue reading “Jane Austen meets Agatha Christie”

How do you solve a problem like Fanny Price?

“Nobody, I believe, has ever found it possible to like the heroine of Mansfield Park” I doubt there’s another Austen heroine – even another Austen character – who’s inspired more discussion, disagreement and debate down the years than Fanny Price. There was a recent online debate on this very subject entitled ‘Fanny Price, love her orContinue reading “How do you solve a problem like Fanny Price?”